Hope Primary School

Hope Primary School is a school and housing facility that currently enrolls over 225 children, primarily orphans and distressed children. Hope hosts children from 5 to 15 years of age, and up to 7th grade. Hope provides each student with 3 meals daily, learning supplies, Christian education, social and life skills. The school administration consists of one head teacher, 9 full-time teachers, two cooks, a night watchman, two dorm mothers, two assistant administrators, and a Chaplain.

The school sits on 22 acres of land encompassing classrooms, dormitories, staff housing, administrative buildings, a soccer field, playground, farm land, bore holes, banana groves, eucalyptus trees, passion fruit vines, cassava plants and many other locally grown plants. Additionally there are chicken coops, rabbit hutches, duck cages, goat corrals and sheep herds to teach the students animal husbandry skills. Through all of this the students are taught various trades useful for their success in Uganda.

After leaving Hope Primary School, AROAD continues to provide support for some children as they enter Secondary School. AROAD is always seeking sponsors who can continue to support children as they continue their education beyond Primary School.

Hope Primary School has itself been the foundational launching pad for another 12 indigenously grown rural schools through graduates of Hope Primary.